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Mass Communication simply means communicating with the masses. It is a vast
field which studies various means of media used by the masses. Various types of
Mass Media includes newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television, etc.
Master of Mass Communication is a Post Graduate Academic Degree awarded for a
course or a program in the field of Mass Communication. It is mostly abbreviated
as M.M.C., which stands for Master of Mass Communication. Master of Mass
Communication course curriculum is focussed primarily on Interactive sessions
with professional from the industry and practical assignments and experience in
media and other communication organizations.

M.M.C, M.M.M., M.J.M.C., M.A-J.M.C, M.A.
(Mass Communication and Journalism) or M.J. ?

In India, Master of Mass Communications is known by various names.

Some of the different names of the Bachelor of Communications Degree:

  • M.M.M. - Master of Mass Media.

  • M.J. - Master of Journalism.

  • M.C.J. - Master of Communication and

  • M.J.M.C. - Master of Journalism and Mass

  • M.A. (Mass Communication).

  • M.A. (Mass Communication and Journalism).

  • M.M.C.J. - Master of Mass Communication and Journalism.

  • M.C.S -�� �Master in Communication Studies.

The above mentioned terms are almost one and the same thing. There is slight
difference in inclination towards some topics in some courses.

Similar Courses

  • M.Sc. in Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism + PGD (Post
    Graduate Diploma) in Mass Communication - 2 year Dual Certification
    Education and Training Programme.

  • M.B.A. in Mass Communications.

  • MBA in Mass Communication & Media.

  • PGDWMM - Post Graduate Diploma in Writing for Mass Media.

Duration - The
duration of Masters in Mass Communication is 2 years. There are number of
semesters, which are mostly 4 in number.


  • For pursuing Masters Degree in Mass Communications one needs to have a
    Graduate Degree in Mass Communications.

  • Some Institutes offer Master of Mass Communications to Graduates in any
    discipline from any recognized University.

  • Percentage requirement may vary from Institute to Institute.

  • Some Institutes also have a Age Limit.

  • Some Institutes also conduct an entrance examination / test for getting
    admission to this degree course. The entrance examination / test generally
    consists of objective type question paper. An Interview and or Group
    Discussion may be conducted.

Duration - The
duration of the mass communication degree course is 2 years. There are number of
semesters, which are mostly 6 in number.

Mass Communication Degree is also available through Distance Learning Degree
Programs provided by some Institutes of India.

Some of the Institutions providing M.M.C. courses through Distance

  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University - Post Graduate In Writing Mass Media
    in Telugu (PGDWMMT).

  • Nalanda Open University.

  • Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University.

  • Vardhmaan Mahaveer Open University.

Master of Mass Communications Subjects /

  • Development of Media & Media Law.
  • Practical- Printing Production and Field Visit.
  • Alternative Media
  • Field works in Electronic Media and Print Media.

Note : Subjects / Topics may have slight difference
but they are related with Mass Communications only.

Some of the Master of Mass
Communications Specialisations

  • Radio and Television.
  • Print Journalism.
  • New Media and Communication.

Who can and Who should pursue Master
of Mass Communications Degree

  • Master of Mass Media degree is meant for those Graduates who consider
    this field as an art and a science for which they conduct systematic and
    serious study.

  • Graduates who like to keep a good knowledge about current affairs, both
    Indian and International are also suitable for this course.

  • Candidates who constantly want to improve and improvise their profession
    are aptly worthy of this Degree.

Advantages or Benefits of Master of
Mass Communications Degree

  • After completing Masters Degree in Mass Communication, one can pursue
    higher education like - Ph.D.
  • It develops Graduates into socially responsible communicators, who can
    effectively use their skills in various commercial and non-commercial

Master of Mass Communications Jobs

Modern age is all ready witnessing an age of media revolution which is being
constantly fuelled by technology. This scenario has led to major developments in
the Mass Communication sector all over India, which in turn has led to the
establishment of various media houses- be it newspaper agencies or TV channels
or advertising firms, etc. These organisations are constantly looking for
specialists in Mass Media.

Employment Areas

  • Advertising Agencies.
  • Central Information Service.
  • Entertainment Industry.
  • Newspapers.
  • Periodicals and Magazines.
  • Press Information Bureau.
  • Publishing Houses.
  • Public Relations Agencies
  • Radio Stations.
  • T.V. Channels.
  • Websites.

Job Types

  • Cartoonists.
  • Columnists.
  • Correspondents.
  • Critics.
  • Editors.
  • Freelance Writers.
  • Illustrators.
  • Journalists.
  • News Analysts.
  • Photojournalists.
  • Proofreaders.
  • Reporters.

M.M.C - M.M.M. Courses in India

M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)

M.Phil. (Journalism and Mass Communication)

M.Sc. (Mass Communication & Journalism)

Master of Mass Communication (M.M.C.)

Master of Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism

Master of Mass Media (M.M.M.)

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