M.E./M.Tech. Master of Engineering - Master of Technology

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Master of Engineering is a Postgraduate Academic Master Degree which is
awarded for a course or program in the discipline of Engineering. It is also
known as M.E. which is an abbreviated form of the Master of Engineering Degree.
The duration of Master of Engineering course is is generally a 2-years. Master
of Engineering course consists of 4 or more semesters. This engineering degree
is based on specialization program in a specific branch of engineering. M.E.
program in India is usually structured as an Engineering Research degree, lesser
than Ph.D. and considered parallel to M.Phil and M.S. degrees in Humanities and
Science. Master of Engineering Correspondence courses are offered at some of the
renowned Universities in the various states of India. The most prestigious
amongst these are Indian Institute of Technology located in various states. Many
universities also offer part-time programmes generally of 4 year duration in
different branches of engineering and technology. The programmes are open to
working diploma holders or diploma holders having working experience for
specified periods. Admissions are made through separate entrance tests.
Part-time M.E/M.Tech. programmes which include 5 semesters are also offered by a
number of Institutions. Just like B.Tech., there is a certain amount of
confusion regrading M.Tech. and M.E. And just like B.Tech and B.E., M.Tech. and
M.E. have smilar scope and future. Some of the Universities in India award
M.Tech. instead of M.E. for same Engineering Course and vice versa.


Candidates who have completed their Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of
Technology degree are eligible for Master of Engineering Degree course.
Candidates who completed a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences
resulting in the award of a Master of Science degree are also eligible for
Master of Engineering course. Admission is based on rank obtained in the
entrance test conducted for M.E. Some Institutes also conduct personal interview�
and or written� test for admission in their Institutes.

Master of Engineering Subjects

Subjects of Master of Engineering vary from one's preferred specialisation.

Master of Engineering Specialisations

  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Infrastructure Systems.
  • Instrumentation Engineering.
  • Metallurgical Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Transportation Engineering.

Who can and Who should pursue Master
of Engineering Degree

Candidates who who want to have more learning opportunities to enrich one's
knowledge base should pursue M.E.

Advantages or Benefits of Master of
Engineering Degree

  • Masters in Engineering degree opens door to a world full of
    opportunities for any aspiring engineer irrespective of their interest,
    whether it maybe in biological, chemical, civil, electronic, industrial, or
    software engineering.

  • A Postgraduate Degree in Engineering offers excellent career
    opportunities for motivated engineering in various organisations like the
    Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
    and Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (Kalpakkam). As the activities
    of these department are multi-disciplinary in nature, it requires the
    services of post-graduates in several engineering branches.

  • Engineering is a well respected profession and that adds a prestige to
    one's personality.

Master of Engineering Jobs

Both the Central and State governments continue to be the major employers of
engineers particularly in such branches as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and
Electronics Engineering. Teaching and research careers are no less rewarding.
With the proliferation of engineering colleges and technological institutions,
postgraduates and doctoral degree holders can join the teaching profession.

Employment Areas

  • Aeronautical Firms.
  • Automobile Industry.
  • Chemical Industries.
  • Consultancy Firms.
  • Defence Services.
  • Electronics Manufacturers.
  • Hospitals.
  • Housing & Urban Development.
  • Oil Exploration and Refining.
  • Power Plants.
  • Quality Testing Laboratories.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Software Design.
  • Space Research Organisation.
  • Teaching Institutions.

Job Types

  • Assistant Engineers.
  • Chief Engineer
  • Development and Test Engineers.
  • Director of Public Works.
  • Electrical Product Design Engineer.
  • Engineering Technologist.
  • Executive Engineers.
  • Independent Consultants.
  • Lecturer.
  • Product Development Engineer.
  • Junior Engineers.
  • Mechanical Design Engineer.
  • Registered Engineering Technician.
  • Researcher.
  • Verification Engineer.

M.E./M.Tech. Courses in India

B.E. + M.E. M.E. (System and Signal Processing) M.E. (Advanced Communication
System) M.E. (Advanced Computing) M.E. (Advanced Production System) M.E.
(Aeronautical Engineering) M.E. (Applied Electronics) M.E. (Applied
Instrumentation) M.E. (Automated Manufacturing Systems) M.E. (Automation &
Robotics) M.E. (Automation and Control Power System) M.E. (Automobile
Engineering) M.E. (Automotive Engineering) M.E. (Avionic) M.E. (Bio
Pharmaceutical Technology) M.E. (Bio-Informatics) M.E. (Bio-Medical) M.E.
(Biotechnology) M.E. (Building Science and Technology) M.E. (CAD/CAM) M.E.
(Chemical Engineering) M.E. (Civil Engineering) M.E. (Communication Engineering)
M.E. (Communication Systems) M.E. (Computer Aided Design of Structures) M.E.
(Computer Aided Design) M.E. (Computer and Communication) M.E. (Computer
Engineering) M.E. (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) M.E. (Computer Networking)
M.E. (Computer Science and Engineering) M.E. (Computer Technology &
Applications) M.E. (Construction Engineering and Management) M.E. (Control and
Instrumentation Engineering) M.E. (Control Systems) M.E. (Cryogenic Engineering)
M.E. (Digital Communication & Networking) M.E. (Digital Electronics) M.E.
(Digital Systems Engineering) M.E. (Earthquake Engineering) M.E. (Electrical
Drives and Embedded Control) M.E. (Electrical Engineering) M.E. (Electronics &
Communication) M.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) M.E.
(Electronics and Control Engineering) M.E. (Electronics Engineering) M.E.
(Embedded System and VLSI Design) M.E. (Embedded System Technologies) M.E.
(Embedded Systems) M.E. (Energy Engineering) M.E. (Engineering Design) M.E.
(Environment Management) M.E. (Environmental Engineering) M.E. (Farm Machinery &
Power Engineering) M.E. (Geomatics) M.E. (Geotechnical Engineering) M.E. (Heat
Power) M.E. (Heat Transfer and Energy Systems) M.E. (High Voltage Engineering)
M.E. (Highway Engineering) M.E. (Hydraulics and Flood Engineering) M.E.
(Hydraulics Engineering) M.E. (Hydraulics Mechanics & Water Mgt / Structure)
M.E. (Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering) M.E. (Industrial Drive &
Control) M.E. (Industrial Engineering & Management) M.E. (Industrial
Engineering) M.E. (Industrial Metallurgy) M.E. (Industrial Safety Engineering)
M.E. (Information Security) M.E. (Information Technology) M.E. (Infrastructure
Engineering) M.E. (Instrumentation Engineering) M.E. (Integrated Water Resources
Management) M.E. (Internal Combustion Engineering) M.E. (Irrigation and Water
Management Engineering) M.E. (Knowledge Engineering and Computational
Linguistics) M.E. (Knowledge Engineering) M.E. (Machine Design) M.E.
(Manufacturing Engineering) M.E. (Manufacturing System Management) M.E. (Marine
Engineering and Mechanical Handling) M.E. (Materials Science & Technology) M.E.
(Mechanical Design) M.E. (Mechanical Engineering) M.E. (Mechatronics) M.E.
(Medical Electronics) M.E. (Medical Technology) M.E. (Micro Electronics Systems)
M.E. (Microwave & Radar Engineering) M.E. (Mining Engineering) M.E. (Multimedia
Technology) M.E. (Network Engineering) M.E. (Optical Communication) M.E.
(Pervasive Computing Technologies) M.E. (Petrochemical Engineering) M.E.
(Petroleum Engineering) M.E. (Physical Metallurgical Engineering) M.E. (Plastic
Engineering) M.E. (Polymer Technology) M.E. (Power Apparatus & System) M.E.
(Power Electronics and Drives) M.E. (Power Electronics) M.E. (Power Management)
M.E. (Power System Engineering) M.E. (Power Systems and Power Electronics) M.E.
(Printing and Graphic Communication) M.E. (Printing and Packing Technology) M.E.
(Printing Technology) M.E. (Process Control and Instrumentation) M.E. (Process
Metallurgical Engineering) M.E. (Processing and Food Engineering) M.E. (Product
and Machine Design) M.E. (Product Design and Development) M.E. (Production
Engineering Systems and Technology) M.E. (Production Engineering) M.E. (Quality
Engineering Management) M.E. (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering)
M.E. (Renewable Energy Sources Engineering) M.E. (Robotic Engineering) M.E.
(Signal Processing) M.E. (Software Engineering) M.E. (Soil and Water
Conservation Engineering) M.E. (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering) M.E.
(Space Engineering & Rocketry) M.E. (Structural Engineering) M.E. (Systems
Engineering and Operations Research) M.E. (Systems Science and Automation) M.E.
(Telecommunications) M.E. (Textile Engineering) M.E. (Thermal Engineering) M.E.
(Tool Design) M.E. (Transportation Engineering) M.E. (Turbo Machinery) M.E.
(Urban and Transportation) M.E. (VLSI Design) M.E. (Water Resources Engineering)
M.E. (Web Technology) M.E. (Wireless Communication) M.E. Biochemical Engineering
and Biotechnology M.E.(Electronic Product Design & Technology) M.Tech (Computer
Systems and Networking) M.Tech. (Advance Production System) M.Tech. (Advanced
Communication Systems) M.Tech. (Advanced Computer Aided Design) M.Tech.
(Advanced Computing) M.Tech. (Advanced Manufacturing) M.Tech. (Advanced
Materials Science & Technology) M.Tech. (Aeronautical Engineering) M.Tech.
(Aerospace Engineering) M.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering) M.Tech. (Agricultural
Process and Food Engineering) M.Tech. (Agricultural Systems and Management)
M.Tech. (Agricultural Water Management) M.Tech. (Alloy Technology) M.Tech.
(Applied and Adaptive Optics) M.Tech. (Applied and Computational Mathematics)
M.Tech. (Applied Botany) M.Tech. (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
Engineering) M.Tech. (Applied Electronics) M.Tech. (Applied Geology) M.Tech.
(Applied Geophysics) M.Tech. (Applied Mechanics) M.Tech. (Aqua Cultural
Engineering) M.Tech. (Artifical Intelligence) M.Tech. (Atmospheric Sciences)
M.Tech. (Automation and Computer Vision.) M.Tech. (Automobile Engineering)
M.Tech. (Automotive Engineering and E-Manufacturing) M.Tech. (Automotive
Engineering) M.Tech. (Bio Mineral Processing) M.Tech. (Bio Pharmaceutical
Technology) M.Tech. (Bio-Medical Engineering) M.Tech. (Bio-Medical Signal
Processing & Instrumentation) M.Tech. (Biochemical Engineering) M.Tech.
(Bioelectronics) M.Tech. (BioEnergy) M.Tech. (Bioinformatics) M.Tech.
(Biomedical Engineering) M.Tech. (Biomedical Instrumentation) M.Tech.
(Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering) M.Tech. (Biotechnology and
Bioprocess Engineering) M.Tech. (Biotechnology) M.Tech. (Building Technology and
Construction Management) M.Tech. (Built Environment) M.Tech. (CAD/ CAM) M.Tech.
(Ceramic Engineering) M.Tech. (Ceramic Technology) M.Tech. (Chemical
Engineering) M.Tech. (Chemical Synthesis and Process Technologies) M.Tech.
(Chemical Technology) M.Tech. (Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engg.)) M.Tech.
(Civil Engineering (Structural Engg.)) M.Tech. (Civil Engineering) M.Tech.
(Civil) Soil Mechanic and Foundation Engineering M.Tech. (Clean Coal & Energy
Technology) M.Tech. (Clean Technology) M.Tech. (Climate Science) M.Tech.
(Clinical Engineering) M.Tech. (Coastal Management) M.Tech. (Combustion and
Propulsion) M.Tech. (Communication and Signal Processing) M.Tech. (Communication
Systems) M.Tech. (Computational Analysis In Mechanical Sciences) M.Tech.
(Computational Linguistic) M.Tech. (Computational Seismology) M.Tech. (Computer
Aided Design and Manufacturing) M.Tech. (Computer Aided Design of Structures)
(CADS) M.Tech. (Computer Aided Design) M.Tech. (Computer Aided Structural
Engineering) M.Tech. (Computer and Communication Engineering) M.Tech. (Computer
and Information Science) M.Tech. (Computer Applications in Industrial Drives)
M.Tech. (Computer Applications) M.Tech. (Computer Engineering) M.Tech. (Computer
Integrated Manufacturing) M.Tech. (Computer Network Engineering) M.Tech.
(Computer Science & Technology) M.Tech. (Computer Science and Data Processing)
M.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) M.Tech. (Computer Science and
Information Security) M.Tech. (Computer Science) M.Tech. (Computer Technology)
M.Tech. (Computer Vision & Image Processing) M.Tech. (Construction Engineering
and Management) M.Tech. (Construction Technology) M.Tech. (Control & Automation)
M.Tech. (Control Engineering) M.Tech. (Control System) M.Tech. (Control Systems
and Instrumentation) M.Tech. (Control Systems) M.Tech. (Corrosion Science &
Technology) M.Tech. (Cosmetic Technology) M.Tech. (Cryogenic Engineering) M.Tech.
(Cyber Security) M.Tech. (Dairy and Food Engineering) M.Tech. (Dairy Chemistry)
M.Tech. (Dairy Microbiology) M.Tech. (Dairy Technology) M.Tech. (Database
Systems) M.Tech. (Design Engineering) M.Tech. (Digital Communication and
Networking) M.Tech. (Digital Communication Engineering) M.Tech. (Digital
Communication) M.Tech. (Digital Electronics & Communication Systems) M.Tech.
(Digital Electronics & Communication) M.Tech. (Digital Electronics) M.Tech.
(Digital System & Signal Processing) M.Tech. (Disaster Management) M.Tech.
(Drilling Engineering) M.Tech. (Dyestuff Technology) M.Tech. (Earth &
Environmental Sciences) M.Tech. (Earth System Science and Technology) M.Tech.
(Earthquake Engineering) M.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) M.Tech.
(Electrical Devices & Power System Engineering) M.Tech. (Electrical Drives &
Control) M.Tech. (Electrical Energy Systems) M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)
M.Tech. (Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering) M.Tech. (Electronics and
Communication Engineering) M.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering)
M.Tech. (Electronics Circuit & System) M.Tech. (Electronics Design and
Technology) M.Tech. (Electronics Engineering) M.Tech. (Electronics) M.Tech.
(Embedded System Technologies) M.Tech. (Embedded Systems) M.Tech. (Energy and
Environment) M.Tech. (Energy conservation & Environment) M.Tech. (Energy
Conservation Management) M.Tech. (Energy Engineering) M.Tech. (Energy Management
and Climate Change Technology) M.Tech. (Energy Management) M.Tech. (Energy
Science and Technology) M.Tech. (Energy System Engineering) M.Tech. (Energy
Technology) M.Tech. (Energy) M.Tech. (Engineering Analysis & Design) M.Tech.
(Engineering Design) M.Tech. (Engineering Geology) M.Tech. (Engineering
Mechanics) M.Tech. (Engineering Physics) M.Tech. (Environment Science &
Technology) M.Tech. (Environmental Engineering and Management) M.Tech.
(Environmental Engineering) M.Tech. (Environmental Geomatics) M.Tech.
(Environmental Management) M.Tech. (Environmental Science and Engineering)
M.Tech. (Environmental Science) M.Tech. (Exploration Geoscience) M.Tech.
(Extractive Metallurgy) M.Tech. (Farm Machinery and Power Engineering) M.Tech.
(Farm Power & Machinery) M.Tech. (Fibre Optics and Lightwave Engineering) M.Tech.
(Fibres and Textile Processing Technology) M.Tech. (Fluids Engineering) M.Tech.
(Food Engineering and Technology) M.Tech. (Food & Nutrition) M.Tech. (Food
Biotechnology) M.Tech. (Food Chain Management) M.Tech. (Food Laws and Policies)
M.Tech. (Food Process Engineering) M.Tech. (Food Safety and Standards) M.Tech.
(Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering) M.Tech. (Food Technology) M.Tech.
(Footwear Science and Engineering) M.Tech. (Fuel & Combustion) M.Tech. (Fuel
Engineering) M.Tech. (Future Studies and Planning) M.Tech. (Gas Turbine
Technology) M.Tech. (Genetic Engineering) M.Tech. (Geo informatics) M.Tech. (Geomatics)
M.Tech. (Geotechnical and Geoenvirnomental Engineering) M.Tech. (Geotechnical
Engineering) M.Tech. (Green Energy Technology) M.Tech. (Health, Safety &
Environmental Engineering) M.Tech. (Heat Power) M.Tech. (Heat Transfer and
Thermal Power) M.Tech. (High Voltage Engineering) M.Tech. (Highway Technology)
M.Tech. (Hons.) (Biotechnology) M.Tech. (Human Resources Development and
Management) M.Tech. (Hydraulics & Water Resource Engineering) M.Tech.
(Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering) M.Tech. (Hydraulics) M.Tech. (Hydroturbomachines)
M.Tech. (Image Processing) M.Tech. (Industrial Automation and Robotics) M.Tech.
(Industrial Biotechnology) M.Tech. (Industrial Electronics) M.Tech. (Industrial
Engineering & Management) M.Tech. (Industrial Engineering) M.Tech. (Industrial
Mathematics & Scientific Computing) M.Tech. (Industrial Mathematics) M.Tech.
(Industrial Pollution Control Engineering) M.Tech. (Industrial Process Equipment
Design) M.Tech. (Industrial Safety) M.Tech. (Information & Communication System)
M.Tech. (Information and Communication Technology) M.Tech. (Information
Architecture & Software Engineering) M.Tech. (Information Security and Cyber
Forensics) M.Tech. (Information Security) M.Tech. (Information Technology)
M.Tech. (Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Management) M.Tech.
(Instrumentation and Control Engineering) M.Tech. (Instrumentation) M.Tech.
(Integrated Design and Manufacturing) M.Tech. (Intelligent System) M.Tech.
(Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines) M.Tech. (Internet and Communication
Technology) M.Tech. (Irrigation and Drainage Engineering) M.Tech. (Knowledge
Engineering) M.Tech. (Laser & Electro Optics) M.Tech. (Laser Science &
Applications) M.Tech. (Leather Technology) M.Tech. (Logistics Management) M.Tech.
(Longwall & Mine Mechanisation) M.Tech. (Machine Design) M.Tech. (Mainframe
Technology) M.Tech. (Maintenance Engg. Tribology) M.Tech. (Manufacturing and
Automation) M.Tech. (Manufacturing and Precision Engineering) M.Tech.
(Manufacturing Science & Engineering) M.Tech. (Manufacturing Systems Engineering
) M.Tech. (Manufacturing Technology) M.Tech. (Marine Engineering) M.Tech.
(Material Science and Engineering) M.Tech. (Mathematics and Computing) M.Tech.
(Mechanical (weapons)) M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering and Product Design)
M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) M.Tech. (Mechanical System Design & Dynamics)
M.Tech. (Mechanical System Design) M.Tech. (Mechatronics) M.Tech. (Media & Sound
Engineering) M.Tech. (Medical Imaging and Image Analysis) M.Tech. (Metallurgical
& Materials Engineering) M.Tech. (Metals and Materials Processing) M.Tech. (Meterology)
M.Tech. (Micro Electronics & Control Systems) M.Tech. (Micro Electronics) M.Tech.
(Microelectronics & Embedded Technology) M.Tech. (Microelectronics and VLSI
Design) M.Tech. (Microwave Electronics) M.Tech. (Mine Planning & Design) M.Tech.
(Mineral Engineering) M.Tech. (Mining Engineering) M.Tech. (Mining Machinery
Engg.) M.Tech. (Mobile Computing Technology) M.Tech. (Modeling & Simulation)
M.Tech. (Molecular Biology and Human Genetics) M.Tech. (Molecular Medicine)
M.Tech. (Multimedia Technology) M.Tech. (Nano Science and Technology) M.Tech. (Nanomedical
Sciences) M.Tech. (Nanotechnology) M.Tech. (Network & Internet Engineering)
M.Tech. (Network Communication and Security) M.Tech. (Network Engineering)
M.Tech. (Network Management & Information Security) M.Tech. (Nuclear
Engineering) M.Tech. (Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture) M.Tech. (Ocean
Engineering) M.Tech. (Ocean Technology and Management) M.Tech. (Offshore
Structures) M.Tech. (Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology) M.Tech. (Oleochemicals
and Surfactants Tech.) M.Tech. (Open Cast Mining) M.Tech. (Operations Research
in Industry) M.Tech. (Optical & Wireless Communication Technologies - OWCT)
M.Tech. (Optical Engineering) M.Tech. (Optics and Optoelectronics) M.Tech.
(Optoelectronics and Laser Technology) M.Tech. (Optoelectronics and Optical
Communication) M.Tech. (Parallel Distributed Systems) M.Tech. (Petroleum
Engineering) M.Tech. (Petroleum Exploration) M.Tech. (Petroleum Geology) M.Tech.
(Petroleum Processing & Petrochemical Engineering) M.Tech. (Petroleum Refining
and Petrochemicals) M.Tech. (Petroleum Technology) M.Tech. (Pharmaceutical
Biotechnology) M.Tech. (Pharmaceutical Technology) M.Tech. (Photonic) M.Tech.
(Physical Metallurgy) M.Tech. (Pipeline Engineering) M.Tech. (Plant Design)
M.Tech. (Plastic Engineering / Technology) M.Tech. (Polymer Nano Technology)
M.Tech. (Polymer Science) M.Tech. (Polymer Technology) M.Tech. (Polymer) M.Tech.
(Post Harvest Engineering and Technology) M.Tech. (Post Harvest Processing and
Food Engineering) M.Tech. (Power and Energy System Engineering) M.Tech. (Power
Electronics and Drives) M.Tech. (Power Electronics) M.Tech. (Power System &
Automation) M.Tech. (Power System Engineering) M.Tech. (Power Systems and Power
Electronics) M.Tech. (Print and Graphics Communication) M.Tech. (Process and
Food Engineering) M.Tech. (Process Control & Instrumentation) M.Tech. (Process
Design Engineering) M.Tech. (Process Instrumentation) M.Tech. (Process
Metallurgy) M.Tech. (Product Design & Manufacturing) M.Tech. (Production &
Industrial Engineering) M.Tech. (Production Engineering & System Technology)
M.Tech. (Production Engineering) M.Tech. (Production Management) M.Tech.
(Production Technology & Management) M.Tech. (Production Technology) M.Tech.
(Quality, Reliability and Operations Research) M.Tech. (Radio Frequency
Communications) M.Tech. (Real Time Systems) M.Tech. (Refrigeration &
Air-Conditioning) M.Tech. (Reliability Engineering) M.Tech. (Remote Sensing &
Wireless Sensor Networks) M.Tech. (Remote Sensing and Geographic Information
System (GIS) M.Tech. (Remote Sensing) M.Tech. (Renewable Energy) M.Tech. (RF and
Microwave Communications) M.Tech. (Robotics Engineering) M.Tech. (Rock
Engineering and Underground Structures) M.Tech. (Rock Excavation Engg.) M.Tech.
(Rubber Technology) M.Tech. (Scientific Computing) M.Tech. (Sensor System
Technology) M.Tech. (Signal Processing) M.Tech. (Softcomputing and Machine
Learning) M.Tech. (Software Engineering) M.Tech. (Soil and Water Engineering)
M.Tech. (Soil Water Conservation Engineering) M.Tech. (Solar and Alternative
Energy) M.Tech. (Solid State Technology) M.Tech. (Space Technology and
Applications) M.Tech. (Spatial Information Technology) M.Tech. (Steel
Technology) M.Tech. (Structural Engineering and Natural Disaster Management)
M.Tech. (Structural Engineering) M.Tech. (Sugar Engineering) M.Tech. (Surface
Coating Technology) M.Tech. (System Management) M.Tech. (Systems Engineering and
Operations Research) M.Tech. (Telecommunication Engineering) M.Tech. (Telematics
& Signal Processing) M.Tech. (Textile Chemistry) M.Tech. (Textile Technology)
M.Tech. (Thermal Engineering) M.Tech. (Thermal Power Engineering) M.Tech.
(Thermal System Design) M.Tech. (Thermal Turbomachines) M.Tech. (Tool
Engineering) M.Tech. (Town & Country Planning) M.Tech. (Traffic and
Transportation Planning) M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering) M.Tech. (Turbo
Machines) M.Tech. (Urban Planning) M.Tech. (Veterinary Science & Animal
Husbandry) M.Tech. (Virology) M.Tech. (Visual Information Processing and
Embedded Systems) M.Tech. (Visual Information Processing) M.Tech. (VLSI &
Micro-Electronics) M.Tech. (VLSI and Computer Engineering) M.Tech. (VLSI Design
& CAD ) M.Tech. (VLSI Design & Embedded System) M.Tech. (VLSI Design) M.Tech.
(VLSI Technology) M.Tech. (Water Resources Development & Management.) M.Tech.
(Water Resources Engineering) M.Tech. (Web Technologies) M.Tech. (Welding
Technology) M.Tech. (Wireless Communication and Computing)

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