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Master of Education is a Postgraduate Academic Master Degree which is awarded
for a course or program in Education. It is also known as M.Ed. which is an
abbreviated form of Masters Degree in Education. It is also referred as Ed.M.,
M.A.Ed., or M.S.Ed. It is normally a 2 years program with 2 Semesters. The
program is available in various subjects. Masters in Education Programs involves
instruction, counselling, and administration. Masters Degree in Education is
provided all over India in various Universities. Master of Education course is
offered at most of the District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) centres
across India. In India M.Ed is mainly offered by institutions that are
recognized by National Council of Teacher Education, New Delhi. It is a
government body in charge of improving and implementing teacher education
programmes in the country. It is essential to pursue the M.Ed. courses if you
are interested in pursuing a teaching career. In every state in India there are
several institutions that offer Master of Education courses. The eligibility
criterion for admission to this course is that candidates must pass their
Bachelor of Education B.ED from a reputed institution in India. Master of
Education Course is also available through Correspondence or Distance Education.
These correspondence courses are of 1 year duration.


Those who have completed their Bachelor of Education degree can pursue Masters
Degree in Education.

Master of Education Subjects

Master of Education Specialisation is based one's choice of stream in B.Ed.
Depending on that one can specialise in that particular Subject.

Master of Education Specialisations

  • Educational Technology.
  • Educational Management.
  • Women Studies.
  • Language Education.
  • Teacher Education.
  • Guidance and counselling.
  • Special Education.
  • Environment Education.
  • Yoga Education.
  • Rural Education.

Who can and Who should pursue Master
of Education Degree

M.Ed. is considered an important course as it helps the students to learn the
education systems and patterns more profoundly and comparatively.

Advantages or Benefits of Master of
Education Degree

  • Master of Education Degree provides one a job in diverse profiles
    depending on his/her specialization.

  • Master of Education course helps gain more experience and technical
    finesse required to be a advanced teacher or educator.

  • An M.Ed degree from a reputed institute gives the right boost to one's

  • One can apply for further higher studies after completing M.Ed Course.

Master of Education Jobs

There is a considerable requirement for Master of Education Degree holders owing
to structural adjustment and economic reforms in the education sector.There is a
rapid demand for teacher and need for more research and development in education

Employment Areas

  • Schools.
  • Coaching Centres.
  • Private Tuitions.
  • Home Tuitions.
  • Education Consultancies.
  • Education Department.

Job Types

  • School Teachers.
  • Private Tutor.
  • Home Tutor.
  • Education Consultant.
  • Education Counsellor.
  • Online Tutor.
  • Vice Principal.
  • Principal.


M.Ed. Courses in India

M.Ed. M.Ed. (Commerce) M.Ed. (English) M.Ed. (Hearing Impaired) M.Ed.
(Malayalam) M.Ed. (Mathematics) M.Ed. (Natural Science) M.Ed. (Physical Science)
M.Ed. (Social Science) M.Ed. (Special Education) M.Ed. (Special Education)
(Mental Retardation) M.Ed. (Special Education) (Visual Impairment)

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