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Master Chirurgiae or Master of Chirurgiae is an Advanced Post Graduate
Academic Degree awarded for a course or program in the field of Surgery. It is
also known as M.Ch. which is an abbreviated form of the Master Chirurgiae
degree. 'Magister Chirurgiae' is a Latin term which stands for 'Master of
Surgery' in english. The duration of the M.Ch. degree is 3 years including the
examination period. The examination for M.Ch. is held at the end of 3 academic
years which include 6 academic terms. Master Chirurgiae is equivalent of Doctor
of Medicine (D.M.) when compared to M.S. (Master of Surgery) and M.D. (Doctor of
Medicine), in terms of an advanced course. The course curriculum of Master
Chirurgiae is mostly based on practical and clinical skills which will come in
use in real life surgical procedures. M.Ch. Candidates also participate in
surgical operations. Master Chirurgiae provides a Doctor advanced qualification
in surgery.� All candidates joining the M.Ch. training programme work as
full time residents during the period of training, attending not less than 80%
of the training during each calendar year, and given full time responsibility,
assignments and participation in all facets of the educational process.

Master Chirurgiae examination consists of Theory and Clinical/Practical
and Oral.

(a)�� Theory - There are 4 Theory papers, 1
paper out of these is on Basic Medical Sciences, and another paper on Recent
Advances. The theory examination is held sufficiently earlier than the Clinical
and Practical examination, so that the answer books can be assessed and
evaluated before the start of the clinical/Practical and Oral examination.

(b) Clinical / Practical and Oral - Practical
examination consists of carrying out special investigative techniques for
Diagnosis and Therapy.� M.Ch. candidates are examined in surgical
procedures. Oral examination are comprehensive to test the candidate�s overall
knowledge of the subject.

A candidate shall secure not less than 50% marks in each head of passing which
shall include (1) Theory (2) Practical including clinical and viva voce


M.S. degrees, or equivalent recognised qualification in the required subject;
Provided that where an institution on the date of commencement for these
Regulation, is imparting five year training in Neurology and Neuro-Surgery, such
institution shall continue to have five year training course.

Master Chirurgiae Subjects

Subjects vary depending upon one's chosen field of specialisation.

Master Chirurgiae Specialisations

Specialisation requirements:

Area of Specialisation

Prior Requirement

Cardio vascular & Thoracic Surgery

MS (Surgery)


MS (Surgery)


MS (Surgery)

Paediatrics Surgery.

MS (Surgery)

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

MS (Surgery)

Surgical Gastroenterology

MS (Surgery)

Surgical Oncology

MS (Surgery)��

MS (ENT)��

MS (Orthopaedics)

MD (Obst. & Gynae.)

Endocrine Surgery

MS (General Surgery)

Gynecological Oncology

MD/MS (Obst. & Gynae)

Vascular Surgery

MS (Surgery)


Who can and Who should pursue Master
Chirurgiae Degree

Doctors who are concerned towards the health needs of the community and the
national priorities in the health section should pursue M.Ch. degree. It is also
suitable for those who have a spirit of scientific inquiry and are oriented to
the principles of research methodology and epidemiology.

Advantages or Benefits of Master Chirurgiae Degree

  • Master Chirurgiae enables a doctor to become more efficient in planning
    and advising measures for the prevention and rehabilitation of patients
    suffering from disease and disability related to the speciality.

  • M.Ch. helps a candidate in developing skills in using educational
    methods and techniques which are applicable to the teaching of
    medical/nursing students, general physicians and paramedical health workers.
    This gives a significant importance to a candidates repute and skill.

Master Chirurgiae Jobs

The more advanced the degree, the more advanced is the earning capacity. If ones
specialises with finesse one can easily practice abroad under various positions
be it teaching, consultation or operating.

Employment Areas

Health Centres.



Medical Colleges.

Medical Foundation / Trust.

Non-Profit Organizations.

Nursing Homes.


Private Practice.

Research Institutes.

Job Types

Cardio vascular & Thoracic Surgeon.

Urology Surgeon.


Paediatrics Surgeon.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon.

Surgical Gastroenterologist.

Surgical Oncologist.

Endocrine Surgeon.

Gynaecological Oncologist.

Vascular Surgeon.

M.Ch. Courses in India


  • M.Ch. M.Ch. (Anatomy)
  • M.Ch. (Cardiac Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Cardio-Vascular Thoracic Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (E.N.T.)
  • M.Ch. (G.I. Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Gastroenterology Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (General Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Neuro Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Ophthalmology)
  • M.Ch. (Paediatric Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery)
  • M.Ch. (Surgical Oncology)
  • M.Ch. (Urology)

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