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Home Science is not only a Science, it is also an Art Form which draws and
synthesizes the knowledge, concepts and theories from Arts, Science and
Humanities. Masters in Home Science is a Post Graduate Academic Degree which is
awarded for course or program in the field of Home Science. Academically, it is
abbreviated as M.A. (Home Sc.) or M.Sc. (Home Sc.). The Home Science curriculum
at the Masters level is focused on specialisation and is practical oriented.

M.A. (Home Science) or M.Sc. (Home
Science) ?

There is only a marginal difference between these two. And that difference lies
in matter of certain topics being covered.

Duration - The duration
of Masters Degree in Home Science is 2 years. There are generally 4 Semesters
with 5 papers in each Semester.


  • Home Science Course requires a candidate to have a Bachelors Degree in
    Home Science from a recognised Institute.

  • Some Institutes admit candidates on the basis of their performance in
    Postgraduate Entrance Test.

Masters in Home Science Subjects

Masters in Home Science subjects are dependant on the specialisation one has

Masters in Home Science Specialisations

  • Clothing and Textiles.
  • Family Resource Management.
  • Foods and Nutrition.
  • Human Development and Family Studies.
  • Extension Education and Communication Management.

Who can and Who should pursue Masters
in Home Science Degree

  • Those who want to indulge in Research associate/assistant in research
    projects undertaken by academic institutes/ Govt. and Non-Govt.
    organisations are required for pursuing this course.

  • Masters in Home Science Degree is especially meant for those who want to
    excel in their chosen field of specialisation and those who want to get
    acknowledged for that.

Advantages or Benefits of Masters in
Home Science Degree

  • One can go on for a Higher Degree in Home Science, like Ph. D. after
    completing Masters degree in Home Science.

  • Masters in Home Science Degree provides one a specialisation in one's
    favourite field and provides the necessary skills for prospective employment
    in the job market.

Masters in Home Science Jobs

Acquiring a specialisation makes one a specialist. The skills of a Specialist
are required by a number of agencies such as social media, human resources
management, food and nutrition department, community education and so on.

Employment Areas

  • Antique Shops.
  • Boutique.
  • Canteen.
  • Catering Facilities.
  • Child Development Boards.
  • Coffee / Snack Shop.
  • Community Centre.
  • Hotels.
  • Hospitals.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Companies.
  • Restaurant.
  • Rural Community Extension Centres.
  • Schools and Colleges.
  • Show Rooms.
  • Textiles / Clothing Industry.

Job Types

  • Counsellors.
  • Dieticians.
  • Fashion Designer.
  • Furniture Designer.
  • Health and Nutrition Journalist.
  • Hostess/ Receptionist.
  • House Keeping In-Charge.
  • In-Charge of Community Centre.
  • Interior Designer.
  • Manager in Canteen, Restaurant.
  • Professor.
  • Researcher.
  • Self Employment.

M.A. - M.Sc. (Home Science) Courses in India

M.A. (Home Science)

M.Phil. (Home Science Extension Education)

M.Phil. (Home Science)

M.Sc. (Home Science - Extension Education)

M.Sc. (Home Science)

Ph.D. (Home Science Extension Education)

Ph.D. (Home Science)

Ph.D. (Human Development and Family Studies)

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