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Bachelor of Education is an Undergraduate
Academic Degree awarded for a course or a program in the field of Education. It
is popularly known as B.Ed. which is an abbreviated form of the Education
Degree. The Bachelor of Education qualifies a student to become a teacher in a
school. Bachelor of Education degree programs generally lasts 1 year. The 1 Year
of Course consists of 2 or more Semesters. The duration of the 1st semester can
be up-to 16 weeks and 2nd semester can be of 18 weeks (204 working days).
Minimum duration for practice teaching varies form 5-6 weeks. Bachelor of
Education consists of 8 Papers out of which 2 are Compulsory depending upon the
Stream which one had taken during Graduation. Bachelor of Education
Correspondence or Distance Learning is also available in various Institutes and
is of 2 Years duration. The B.Ed degree is mandatory for teaching in higher
primary schools and high schools. National Council for Teacher Education is
statutory body which regulates courses in teaching in India. The Bachelor of
Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) programme is a 4 year integrated professional
degree programme of Elementary Teacher Education offered after the senior
secondary (class XII) stage of school. It was conceptualized by the Maulana Azad
Centre for Elementary and Social Education (MACESE) of the Department of
Education, University of Delhi and launched in the academic year 1994-95, the
programme is an attempt towards fulfilling the need for professionally qualified
elementary school teachers. B.El.Ed. is designed to integrate the study of
subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical knowledge and communication
skills. Both professional and academic options are available to students who
graduate with a B.El.Ed. degree. There is also a course called Diploma in
Education (DEd) or TCH meant for teaching in primary and nursery schools in
India. However the qualification for admission to this course is pass in pre
university course. The course develops your skills and widens your understanding
so that you can impart quality education to your students.Bachelor of Education
teaches a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with


The minimum qualification required for entry into B.Ed. course is a Bachelor of
Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from
recognised board/university with at least 50% marks. While students from Arts
Stream are trained to teach subjects like History, Civics, Geography and
Languages. The students from Science Stream are trained to teach Mathematics,
Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students need to appear in an entrance test
conducted by the various state and Independent educational bodies and
universities for admission in various teaching institutions attached with it
according to the rank of the candidate in the entrance exam. These exams are
generally held in the month of June-july and consists of Objective type
questions on the subject of English, General Knowledge, Aptitude, Basic
Arithmetic Teaching Potential and one local language in some states. The results
of these exams are generally out by July/Aug. Candidates go through practical
training courses, apart form theory classes.

Bachelor of Education Subjects or Topics

  • Education, Culture and Human Values.
  • Educational Evaluation and Assessment.
  • Educational Psychology.
  • Guidance and Counselling.
  • Holistic Education.
  • Philosophy of Education.

of Education Specialisations

Bachelor of Education Specialisation is based one's choice of stream in
Graduation. Depending on that one can specialise in that particular Subject.

Who can and Who should pursue Bachelor
of Education Degree

If one really wants to pursue a Bachelor of Education Degree then one should
have passion for teaching. Teaching is especially suited for women as they tend
to have the natural instinct of a mother. However men can and are also good
teachers. It can also be a second career for those who have retired from
professional services.

Advantages or Benefits of Bachelor of
Education Degree

  • Teachers are one of the most respected professionals in the World as
    they play a very important role in a student's life. It is they, that the
    shape a student's life to a large extent.

  • Teaching has the potential of providing job satisfaction, job security,
    high earnings and flexible schedule.

  • Teachers are not only responsible for imparting academic knowledge to a
    student but they also inculcate the principle and virtues of a good human
    being in a student.

of Education Jobs

Teachers can never run out of employment. There is no dearth of Schools and each
needs a Teacher, whether permanent, temporary, full-time or part-time. One can
also go for related jobs if one is limited by his abilities to become a Teacher.

Employment Areas

  • Schools.
  • Coaching Centres.
  • Private Tuitions.
  • Home Tuitions.
  • Education Consultancies.
  • Education Department.

Job Types

  • School Teachers.
  • Private Tutor.
  • Home Tutor.
  • Education Consultant.
  • Education Counsellor.
  • Online Tutor.
  • Vice Principal.
  • Principal.

BEd. Courses India


  • B.Ed.
  • B.Ed. (Accounts)
  • B.Ed. (Arabic)
  • B.Ed. (Biological Sciences)
  • B.Ed. (Business Studies)
  • B.Ed. (Child Development)
  • B.Ed. (Commerce)
  • B.Ed. (Computer Science)
  • B.Ed. (Economics)
  • B.Ed. (Education of Handicapped)
  • B.Ed. (English)
  • B.Ed. (Geography)
  • B.Ed. (Hearing Impaired)
  • B.Ed. (Hindi)
  • B.Ed. (History)
  • B.Ed. (Home Science)
  • B.Ed. (Information Technology)
  • B.Ed. (Malayalam)
  • B.Ed. (Maths)
  • B.Ed. (Natural Science)
  • B.Ed. (Physical Education)
  • B.Ed. (Physical Science)
  • B.Ed. (Sanskrit)
  • B.Ed. (Social Science)
  • B.Ed. (Special Education - Locomotor and Neurological Disorder)
  • B.Ed. (Special Education for Visually Impaired)
  • B.Ed. (Special Education)
  • B.Ed. (Special Education) (Learning Disability)
  • .Ed. (Special Education) (Mental Retardation)
  • B.Ed. (Tamil)
  • B.Ed. (Vocational)
  • B.Ed. (Yoga)

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