B.Arch. Bachelor of Architecture

Architecture is a field which is involved with the design and construction of
buildings in their sociological, technical and environmental contexts. Bachelor
of Architecture is an Undergraduate Academic Degree awarded for a course or
program in the field of Architecture. The duration of Bachelor of Architecture
degree spans over a period of 5 years. The curriculum is structured for 5 years
and is divided into 2 stages. The 1st stage consists of 3 years of full time
study followed by practical training in professional offices or at construction
sites for 20 weeks. The 2nd stage consists of full time study for one and a half
year, whereby each student is required to write a research based dissertation,
prepare for a seminar and present a design thesis along with the advanced level
of compulsory and elective theory courses. The apprenticeship (generally for one
semester) has to be done under a practising architect. It is also known as
B.Arch. which is an abbreviated form of the
Architecture Degree. Bachelor of Architecture Course provides a high level
of contextual excellence in architectural design. Both theory and studio
exercises are viewed as the core of the programme with crucial inputs being
provided by experts specializing in the fields of arts, humanities, engineering
and technology, and professional practice of architecture. Students acquire
multi-disciplinary enabling skills related to space, construction environments
and aesthetics. They also acquire skills which include drawing, architectural
presentation, research and writing, computer applications, technical and
managerial aptitudes in problem definition and solution seeking.


Candidates with 50-55% marks (Science) in their 12th standard examination are
eligible to apply for the course. They should also qualify any of the entrance
examinations like All India Engineering Entrance Examination or AIEEE conducted
by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the National Aptitude Test
in Architecture conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies and
Architecture. Students with excellent drawing abilities, clarity of thought,
creativity, strong aesthetic sense and social awareness are likely to get
through. Selection to architecture courses at the Indian Institutes of
Technology (IIT's) is through the national level Joint Entrance Examination
(JEE). Private institutes conduct their own entrance exams. Various Universities
and states also conduct separate entrance exams for admission to their
architecture and engineering colleges.

Bachelor of Architecture Subjects

  • Mathematics.
  • CADD.
  • History of Architecture.
  • Interior Design.
  • Urban Economics and Sociology.

Bachelor of Architecture

  • Green Architecture.
  • Landscape Architecture.
  • Museum Architecture.
  • Naval Architecture.
  • Theatre Architecture.

Who can and Who should pursue
Bachelor of Architecture Degree

Bachelor of Architecture is meant especially for those gifted with designing
talent. Those who don't have it can acquire it through practice and expert
advice. A person also needs to develop a business sense, social awareness and
legal knowledge. Architecture is best suited for those who are not only
fascinated with buildings but who view building from an architectural point of
view. Passion accompanied by proper education can make on a successful
Architecture. In modern times, Computer literacy is also needed for writing
specifications, two- and three-dimensional drafting, and financial management.
Knowledge of CADD is also essential.

Advantages or Benefits of Bachelor of
Architecture Degree

  • Architecture is increasingly being recognised as as one of the top
    intellectual disciplines, an art form, and a technical profession intimately
    linked with the single largest sector of investment in the economy.

  • Architects are always required to design and execute building projects
    and resolve other issues related to the man-made environment in a variety of

  • In the current scenario there is a need to utilise building space in the
    best possible way without wasting any space. This requires the expert
    services of Architects.

  • Architecture is a profession which showcases one's artistic talent. It
    is a perfect platform for those who want fame and name as it gives both.

Bachelor of Arts Jobs

As demand for commercial space increases, there is a need for non residential
construction. In recent years, some architecture firms have outsourced the
drafting of construction documents and basic design for large-scale commercial
and residential projects to architecture firms overseas. These factors make
Architecture a lucrative job.

Employment Areas

  1. Public Works Department (PWD).
  2. Department of Railways.
  3. Department of Post and Telegraph.
  4. National Building Organization.
  5. Town and Country Planning Organization.
  6. National Institutes of Urban Affairs.
  7. Housing and Urban Development Corporations.
  8. Architecture and Building Development Firms.
  9. Private Construction Organizations.

Job Types

  1. Architectural Technician.
  2. Architectural theoretician.
  3. Architectural conservator.
  4. Architectural engineer.
  5. Architectural technologist.
  6. Architecture Professor.
  7. Architecture Critic.
  8. Architecture Photographer.
  9. Building Control Officer.
  10. Building inspector.
B.Arch. Courses in India

  • B.Arch.
  • B.Arch. (Architecture and Regional Planning)
  • B.Arch. (Building and Construction Management)
  • B.Arch. (Interior Design)
  • B.Arch. (Landscape Architecture)

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