Effect of Current

12/18/2011 CBSE

  • An electric charge in motion in free space products both electric and
    magnetic field, whereas a static electric charges produces only electric
  • If a particles enters a magnetic field normally to the magnetic field,
    then its starts moving in a circular orbit. The point at which it enters the
    magnetic field lies on the circumference.
  • A solenoid carrying current behaves as a bar magnet and the magnetic field
    inside the solenoid carrying current is uniform but the magnetic field just
    outside the solenoid on its curved face is zero.
  • A generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It works on
    the basis of electro magnetic induction.
  • In metals charge carriers are only free electrons.
  • In liquids charge carriers are positive and negative ions.
  • In gases charge carriers are positive ions and electrons.
  • If a wire of resistance R is cut into n equal parts then the
    resistance of each part is R/n.
  • A fuse wire is made of tin-bad alloy. It has high resistivity and low
    melting point.

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