Answer the following

9/14/2015 CBSE

Q.1: Answer the following questions -
(i) What is Atmosphere?
(i) Atmosphere is the blanket of air which surrounds the earth from all sides.

(ii) Which two gases make the bulk of atmosphere?

(ii) Two gases which make the bulk of atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen.

(iii) Which gas creates Green House effect in atmosphere?
(iii) Carbon dioxide creates Green House effect in atmosphere.

(iv) What is Weather?
(iv) Weather is the sum total of the atmospheric conditions of a
specific place at a specific time regarding the temperature,
humidity, air pressure, clouds, winds etc.

(v) Name three types of Rainfall.
(v) The three types of rainfall are - Conventional rainfall, Orographic rainfall and Cyclonic or Frontal rainfall.

(vi) What is Air Pressure?

(vi) Air has weight and so, exerts pressure. Hence, air pressure is the impact which occurs due to air weight

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