What were the areas of conflict between the Bengal nawabs and the East India Company?

9/14/2015 CBSE

1.After the death of Aurangzeb, the Bengal nawabs asserted their power and autonomy.
2. Through the eighteenth century, the conflicts between them and the East India Company intensified.
3. The nawabs refused to grant the Company concessions, demanded large tributes, denied it the right to mint coins, and stopped it from extending its fortifications.
4.They claimed that the Company was depriving the Bengal government of huge amounts of revenue, and also undermining their authority by refusing to pay taxes, writing disrespectful letters, and humiliating them and their officials.

5.On its part, the Company declared that its trade was getting ruined because of the unjust demands of the local officials.
6.It believed that trade could only flourish if the duties were removed. To expand trade, it wanted to enlarge its settlements, buy up villages, and rebuild its forts.

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