Types of respiration

9/13/2015 CBSE

Types of respiration

Respiration can be of
two types namely, aerobic respiration or anaerobic respiration. �
and anaerobic respiration are the processes which involve release of energy by
exchange of gases. Both these reactions occur inside the cell.

a) Aerobic
 is the process
of breaking up of glucose into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of
oxygen with release of energy. Aerobic respiration takes place in almost all the

b) Anaerobic
is the breakdown
of glucose in the cell in the absence of oxygen. Glucose is converted into
alcohol and carbon dioxide with release of little amount of energy.

  • Anaerobic respiration
    can also be seen in yeast. The breakdown of glucose in the absence of oxygen
    in yeast forms alcohol, energy and carbon dioxide. Yeasts and other organisms
    that respire in the absence of oxygen are also known as anaerobes. As yeast is
    a unicellular organism that respires anaerobically to yield alcohol, it is
    used in the production of beer and wine. Yeast is used in beverage industries
    to produce beer and wine by the process of fermentation. Fermentation is the
    process of breaking down glucose into alcohol and carbon dioxide releasing
    little amount of energy. Fermentation is otherwise called as anaerobic

  • Anaerobic respiration
    is observed in muscle cells. Accumulation of lactic acid inside the cells
    leads to muscle cramps. Supply of oxygen will break down lactic acid into
    carbon dioxide and water. Hot water bath relieves muscles from cramps by
    converting lactic acid into carbon dioxide and water.

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