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CBSE Clas X Science

8/20/2015 CBSE

Q.1.What is meant by
exothermic process ? Give one�

Q.2.What is meant by
catalyst ?���������

Q.3.��If a wire of
resistance R, length / made of material of resistivity p is cut into two equal
parts, find the resistivity and resistance of the two



Q.5.��Name two
materials used in the manufacture of solar cells. What is the efficiency of
modern solar cells ?

Q.6.��Out of the two
fuels C4H10 and C4H9OH, which one is
expected to have a higher calorific value and why ?

Q.7.��Draw the ray
diagram to show how a convex lens behaves if object is placed in between F�
& Pole.



Faraday's law of electrolysis.

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