Is it good to have political competition

7/1/2015 CBSE

Is it good to have political competition?(Merits and Demerits of electoral or political


1.  It creates a sense of disunity
and���factionalism��� in every locality.

2. Different political parties and leaders often
level allegations again stone another.

3. Parties and candidates often use dirty tricks to
win elections.

4. Some good people who may wish to serve the
country do not enter this competition. They do not like the idea of being dragged
into unhealthy competition.


1. Our Constitution makers were aware of these problems.
Yet they opted for free competition in elections as the way to select our future
leaders. They did so because this system works better in the long run.

2. In a way it tries to improve the knowledge and
character of political leaders. The other and more realistic way is to set up
a system where political leaders are rewarded for serving the people and punished
for not doing so.

3. So if a political party is motivated only by
desire to be in power, even then it will be forced to serve the people.

4. Political competition may cause divisions and
some ugliness,but it finally helps to force political parties and leaders to
serve the people.


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