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Social work in today's world has established itself as a significant full
fledged profession at par with any other profession. As the world is fast
becoming increasingly materialistic, devoid of human sentiments and
emotions, with people growing more and more self-centred, yet another global
trend is becoming distinctly evident-the urge of the young lot who want to
do something for the welfare of the society. There is a great satisfaction
in doing something for others, which cannot be equaled or compensated by any

remunerative job. Even those working in full-time jobs want to do some
social work in their spare time.

It may be said that it is indeed a noble gesture to indulge in working for
others or lend a helping hand to those who may not be as privileged as we
are. The scope of social work is very wide. There is a dire need for people
who can provide help to the disadvantaged members of the society. There are
centers for rehabilitation for drug addicts, orphaned children and people
with disabilities. Counseling, both educational and psychological, are
required these days by a large section of the population. There are
opportunities in health care, community policing, adoption, environmental
protection, culture, and so on.

The social sector consists of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and
institutions providing services to different sections of society. Many are
engaged in research and publishing while others are active in solving
problems at the grass root level. An idealistic youngster who wants to do
something for the country may, thus, be attracted to the social sector.
Fortunately, it is now more than an occupation of the idle and is getting
highly professionalized. Several institutes offer degrees and diplomas in
social work, after which permanent positions can be obtained in
organizations. Salaries have been soaring, with generous infusion of funds
from the government and foreign agencies.


Although there are no basic qualifications to get into the social sector, a
Master in Social Welfare (MSW) degree, rural management or any masters'
degree in social sciences will help., Degrees in environment and forestry
management are also offered by various institutes. Apart from this, diplomas
can be obtained in specific areas like those for the hearing impaired,
physically handicapped an old age. Some organisations train volunteers

The Various courses on offer in social work, their duration and
qualifications required are:

B.S.W / B.A (SW), Duration: 3years; Eligibility: candidates who have passed
the XIIth standard can apply for this course.

M.S.W / M.A (SW), Duration: 2 years; Eligibility: candidates who have
completed graduation in any subject can apply but graduates having sociology
or social sciences as their subjects are preferred.

M.Phil, Eligibility: candidates who have completed M.S.W can apply for this

Ph.D, Eligibility:candidates with a M.S.W or M.Phil degree can pursue a
doctorate in social work.

Job prospects

Social work is among those fields where Job opportunities differ with the
kind of specialization that a social worker has chosen. As of now, a
qualified social worker can work in the following domains:

Specialists in medical aid and psychiatric social work can make a career in
hospitals, clinics, counseling centers, mental hospitals, old age homes and
similar institutions.

Specialists SW professional in the specialized field of criminology can opt
for a career in prisons, correction cells and similar institutions.

Those with specialized knowledge in labor welfare segment can work as labor
welfare representatives in the private and corporate sector including MNCs
and HR department of various labour-centric industries.

Job opportunities are also available with NGOs working for the development
of rural health and sanitation facilities. Here, a SW professional can work
as community welfare specialist.

Getting into academics and teaching to masses about the utility of SW is
another option available to professinals associated with this field.

Lastly, premier international organizations like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and
other international organizations with similar goals targeted at developing
nations, require social workers in their developmental campaigns and
projects.Thse organizations also pay well.


The Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM),

Management House,

College Square West, Kolkata-700 073

Phone: +91-33-22413648 /3756 /5792 /8694

Fax: +91-33-2241 3975,



Tata Institute of Social Sciences,


Post box 8313, Deonar, Mumbai 400088

Telephone: 91-22-2556 3289-96

Fax: 91-22-2556 2912



Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of Social Sciences,

Agra-Mumbai National Highway No. 3,

Dongargaon, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar,

Pin - 453 441, District: Indore, (M.P.)

Phone:91-7324- 272830,91-7324- 273186

Fax - 91-7324- 273645



University of Delhi,

University Road, Delhi 110 007

Phone South Campus: 011-24119832

Phone North Campus: 011-2766709, 27667011, 27667190

Fax: 011-27667049


Loyola College,

Phone: +91-44-28178200

Fax: +91-44-28175566




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