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12/11/2014 Career

The Indian Navy is today a strong and capable force which is highly
regarded for its professional competence. The planned induction of
advanced ships, technology and creation of modern infrastructure
promises to enhance the capabilities of the Service eve further in the
near future.

As compared to other professions in the civilian
world, the Indian Navy has a great deal to offer to young men and women.
It gives an individual the opportunity to display leadership skills and
bestows one with a tremendous amount of responsibility at a very young

Job Opportunities In Indian Navy

The Navy
provides countless opportunities ranging from being in charge of part of
a ship to flying an aircraft or looking after one department on the
ship / establishment independently. In addition, throughout his/her
career one can actively participate in the sports and adventure
activities of their choice, an option not commonly offered in other
office jobs.

Despite being seafarers the Indian Navy has sent
expeditions to Mount Everest and Antarctica, an achievement which the
nation can be proud of. In this profession the friendship is made for a
lifetime due to the strong bond of camaraderie that forms with fellow
officers and also with the sailors, whom one may command.

officer at a very young age assumes the responsibility of commanding his
men and use of latest equipment on the ships / submarines / aircraft.
Working in the latest technology environment, the young officers are
exposed to the very best in their field of operations.

cutting edge technology and revolution in Military in the Indian Navy.
It is the only helps in professional expertise of an individual but
provides opportunities to exhibit our talent with pride all across the
world.Men in white command dignity and respect, and are always in high spirits
as the Service offers personal, financial, emotional security and
status in the society. Adventure activities like mountaineering,
sailing, yachting, water sports, polo and other sports / games are
easily accessible.

For those who seek fulfillment in life, there
is no career like the Navy. It offers an attractive pay package, perks,
life time pension, medical benefits for self and family.

One of
the Indian Navy's latest initiatives to make the ab-initio training more
attractive includes the new Naval more attractive includes the new
Naval Academy, which has come up in a scenic location called Ezhimala in
north Kerala.

Apart from the institute being very modern and
well equipped, the cadets graduating from this academy after four years
of training will have a B.Tech degree from the batch commencing July
2009 onwards (unlike B.Sc. Degree which the Naval Academy offers at

Selection Procedure For Indian Navy Officers

The commission in the Indian Navy is open to young men and women of our
country. They have the option to join the Executive, Technical and
Education Branches of the Indian Navy. Officers induction is advertised
through the Employment News and all major national and regional
newspapers / dailies.

Selection for all Permanent Commission
(PC) entries, except 10+2 (Tech) Cadet entry and NCC Special Entry
(Graduate) is through a written examination conducted by the UPSC,
followed by interviews by the Service Selection Board (SSB).

is no written examination for the Non-UPSC entries. The applications
are short listed, as per the criteria laid down by the Integrated
Headquarters of Ministry of Defense (Navy), Directorate of Manpower
Planning & Recruitment. Selection is through merit alone and there
is no reservation. The duration of the Short Service Commission (SSC) is
10 years, extendable to 14 years.

Women Entries

1991, women were not eligible for enrolment in the Indian Navy,
Consequent to CCPA approval in 1991, women were inducted as officers in
the Education Branch and Logistics & Law cadres of the Executive
Branch of the Indian Navy with effect from 1992.

In 1993,
approval was also accorded by the MOD for induction of women in the ATC
cadre. No special status is conferred on women candidates and they
compete with Short Service male candidates on open merit system.

are filled in the order of merit based on marks obtained in Service
Selection Board. Presently, women officers are being inducted into the
Law, Logistics, ATC, Observers (Aviation Cadre), Naval Architecture
Cadre & Education Branch as SSC officers.

Service conditions
are same for men and women officers. Government has now approved
Permanent Commission for women in Law, Education & ATC Cadre.

Educational & Other Qualifications

is mandatory that all Degrees and Educational Qualifications are
recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). All candidates
desirous of joining the Indian Navy must be physically / medically fit,
as per laid down standards. Proficiency in sport, swimming and
extra-curricular activities is desirable.

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