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A disc jockey, commonly known as a DJ, is a person who entertains the
crowd of a discotheque, party, or an event by playing lively and
energetic music. Apart from night clubs and discotheques, DJs are hired
for keeping the guests engaged on various occasions, such as weddings,
engagements, birthday parties, and any other social gatherings. A
professional disc jockey is expected to have extensive knowledge of
different genres of music, including electro, jazz, rock, and house, and
should know the techniques of combining and merging different
soundtracks, by making use of the requisite software or other
instruments. A disc jockey needs to understand the popular demand and
should know how to make the crowd sway and dance to the music. Moreover,
he/she should possess excellent communication skills, be punctual, and
be comfortable at working for extended hours at a stretch. For, they are
the skills and talent that will bring prospective opportunities and
reputation in the future. It is one of the few jobs where one can enjoy
while performing his/her task and earn a handsome greens, both at the
same time.

Course Details
No specific courses are
designed for learning the tricks and techniques required for becoming a
disc jockey. Anyone with good sense of popular genres of music and
excellent communication skills can build a career in disc jockeying.

Career Prospects
demand for disc jockeys is on the rise, considering the increasing
passion for holding and organizing luxurious and flaunting parties,
events, and other social gatherings. With this, open up a plethora of
job opportunities for a DJ, who can earn hefty greens in few hours.
Also, one can look for various contracts and perform at banquets halls,
discotheques, farm houses, and any other place where such parties are

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
rapid growth in the entertainment and broadcasting industries has led
to the establishment of some institutes that conduct specialized courses
in disc jockeying. Some leading ones include: Splinters
DJ School,
Mumbai; Azaredo Acoustics, Mumbai;

Spin Gurus DJ & Remixing Academy,
New Delhi;

Panache The DJ School, Hyderabad; and
DJ Training Academy,

A disc jockey charges on per
night basis in private parties, depending upon the size, venue, and
nature of the party. He/She can earn anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs.
8000 per night. However, the earnings can vary on the basis of the
popularity and reputation of a particular DJ

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