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Shipping refers to physical process of transporting goods and cargo. In broader sense shipping can be associated with Logistics which refers to flow of goods, information and other resources, including energy and people, between the point of origin and the point of consumption. Thus shipping and logistics combinely include all aspects of transportation, storage and packaging of goods and commodities. Despite the many variables in shipped products and locations, there are only three basic types of shipments: land, air, and sea. Quantum growth in inter-regional and intra-regional trade has made shipping and logistics industries a favoured place for the new generation. With increasing complexity qualified professionals are required to manage shipping and port industries across the globe.

Course Details
MBA Shipping and Port Management is a rare course conducted by very few universities and institutions in India. The minimum qualification for MBA (Shipping & Port) Management is a Bachelor?s degree in Engineering/Technology. However some institutes even allows science and management graduates.

Career Prospects
Shipping and Port Managers can find suitable employment opportunities in government departments like Railways and Defence. PSUs like Shipping Corporation and other agencies in the field of logistics and shipping are favoured place for shipping managers. However, working with private logistics and shipping companies are the best option available to shipping and port managers. These professional also can work with private packer and movers and transporters. Heavy industries dealing with high volume of inflow and outflow of goods and commodities also require logistics managers to ensure smooth and in-time supply. Besides, opportunities are also available with organizations specializing in cargo handling. Shipping and port managers also can work with International shipping majors.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
A few institutes in India offer courses in shipping and port management. They are: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur;
Academy of Maritime Education & Training (AMET), Kanathur, Tamil Nadu; National Institute of Port Management, Chennai;
National Institute of Shipping Management, Mumbai;
Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping, Mumbai;
Indian Institute of Logistics, Chennai;
Institute of Management, Mumbai and
Institute of Rail Transport, New Delhi and
University of Petroleum and Energy studies, Dehradun.

Sky is the only limit in terms of pay packages of shipping and port managers. In government departments their pay packages are not so high. However, shipping and port managers? salaries are very high in private sectors along with other benefits like house rent, medical allowances and retirement benefits