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Medical is the study or practice of medicine. It
covers a wide range of health care practices which
include prevention and treatment of illness to
maintain and restore health. Medical is one of the
professions which has the most stable future because
there is no dearth of clients who want to get well or
look well. No other profession commands such profit
and respect as the medical profession.

There are two basic categories in Medical - Medicine
and Surgery.

Medicine - It is the practice of non-operative
medicine. Most sub specialties in this area require
preliminary training in Internal Medicine. Internal
medicine deals with those diseases that affect the
body as a whole. It excludes pediatrics, surgery,
gynecology and obstetrics and psychiatry.
Practitioners of such specialties are referred to as

There are several subdisciplines of internal medicine.
Some of these are -


Critical care medicine






Infectious diseases



Surgery - It is the practice of operative medicine.
Most subspecialties in this area require preliminary
training in General Surgery. A Surgeons decides when
an operation is necessary and also treat many
non-surgical cases, especially those in the Surgical
Intensive Care Unit where issues of critical nature

Surgery has many subspecialties. Some of these are -

General surgery

Transplant surgery

Trauma surgery

Cardiovascular surgery


Maxillofacial surgery

Orthopedic surgery


Plastic surgery

Oncologic surgery

Specialties of medicine - These include -

Diagnostic specialties - These are Pathology,
Radiology ,Clinical neurophysiology, Clinical
chemistry, Hematology, Clinical microbiology, Clinical
immunology etc.

Interdisciplinary specialities - General practice,
Bioethics, Biomedical Engineering, Sports medicine,
Veterinary medicine, Wilderness medicine etc.

Sub specialities - Ophthalmology, Dermatology,
Emergency medicine, Obstetrics and gynecology,
Pediatrics, Psychiatry etc.

There are different types of medical jobs. Healthcare
is the largest industry, showing the highest amount of
growth of any other field. All the included medical
jobs are in very high demand and have a significant
growth, mostly due to the aging population and
advancements in health care. Super specialty hospitals
are flourishing and offering employment opportunities
in abroad as well locally. These opportunities for
professionals provide gains in terms of remuneration,
research and working facilities.

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