Fitness Trainer

12/10/2014 Career

Fitness trainer is a person who looks after the issues
concerning the health and physical fitness of his/her
clients. The job of the person is to give the clients
guidance on fitness and health. Fitness trainer plans
the exercise regimen, by considering the age,
lifestyle, health problems and other constraints of
the person opting for the training program. The
trainer has to decide whether a person should opt for
weights, aerobics, stretching and muscle conditioning
exercises or other machines available in the gym. In
addition to this, the person also tells them the
duration of each exercise. Decisions regarding the
eating habits, posture, change in lifestyle etc are
also taken by the fitness trainer. Fitness trainers
either work with a person on one-on-one basis or
conduct group workout sessions. They set objectives
for their client, assist them in achieving the target
and help them in following correct techniques of
exercise. A fitness trainer should have good
communication skills, apart from being physically fit.
In addition to this, patience, dedication, strong
analytical skills, and calm attitude are also required
to excel in this field. Apart from this, a fitness
trainer should ensure safety while instructing his/her
clients. A good fitness instructor should be amiable,
at the same time, should be strict about workout

Course Details

In the present time, various institutions are offering
degree, certificate and diploma level programs at both
under graduate as well as post graduate levels. The
eligibility for under graduate program is 10+2, while
for post graduate programs it is a Bachelor�s degree
in any stream, from a recognized University. These
programs offer in-depth knowledge and exposure about
the field.

Career Prospects

Fitness trainers can work as health club managers,
fitness directors, aerobics instructors, corporate
wellness directors, personal trainers, weight loss
counselors etc. One can also get employed in hotels,
health clubs, gyms, fitness centre, spas, tourist
resorts, housing societies and large organizations.
One can specialize in any of the following -
weightlifting, aerobics, karate, and kickboxing, spin
cycling, yoga, spinning and work as a fitness trainer.

Institutes Offering

With the popularity and need of fitness trainer, many
institutions are now conducting specialized training
program. Some of the prominent institutions are
National Association for Fitness
Certification, Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical
Education & Sports Sciences (New Delhi),
National College of Physical Education (Kerala),

Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports (Punjab),

HVPM (Amravati),
NS Eastern Centre (West Bengal) and

Symbiosis Department of Health Sciences (Maharashtra).


In the field of fitness training, one might earn a
salary between Rs 5000- Rs7000 per month, as a
beginner. An experienced fitness trainer can earn Rs.
1000 per hour.

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