Marine Engineering

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Marine Engineering

beings have always been fascinated by the high tides and
vastness of oceans. Throughout the history of
civilisations they have shown remarkable will to tame
these and utilise them for the betterment of culture and
expansion of civilisation. But, behind all these
efforts, there lay the person who very well understood
the ergonomics of ships and designed the ships in a such
a way that the sailors were able to conquer the world.
In the modern era these persons are called Marine
Engineers and the discipline they need to know is called
Marine Engineering

Engineers are responsible for the safe running of ship
engines, boilers, all the machineries of the ship, steam
connections as well as maintenance, repair, upgradation
and construction of all the relevant marine machinery.
They are the overall incharge of the engine and its crew
and ensure the safety and standards of the marine body.
With modern development, the role of Marine Engineers
has widened and smoothened, too, Electronis navigation
has helped the Marine Engineering a lot

responsibilities of a Marine Engineer are large and
therefore require some essential personal attributes.
The person should have organising ability, team spirit,
ability to get on well with others, be cool and cope
well under pressure, should be able to handle crisis,
good at conceptualising forms and structures, excellent
communication skills, physical fitness and above all,
liking for sea. The admiration of sea itself will
develop and enhance these qualities

very nature of the job fascinates many youngsters to
take Marine Engineering as their career. They too, like
their ancestors, dream of sea faring and modern
technological developments have made their dream more
reachable than evey before


minimum educational qualification is 10+2 with PCM
(Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). However, Biology
at 10+2 is an added advantage. There are also certain
medical norms (physical fitness) that need to be met to
get entry into the Marine Engineering courses. One
should have a good physique with sound health. The
minimum height should health. The minimum height should
be 150cms with correlated weight and proportionate chest
with minimum 5-cm expansion


are two main training centres-Training Ship Chanakya,
Mumbai and Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI),
Kolkata - which conduct courses in Marine Engineering.
The New Delhi - based International Maritime Institute
also conducts courses related to the field. The degree
offered in these courses is that of Engineering or B.Sc.
in Nautical Sciences. A number of private institutes
also offer courses in Marine Engineering. However, such
courses must be approved by the Mumbai-based Director
General of Shipping. It is to be noted that in most of
the institutes only male candidates are allowed to carry
on the courses. However, there are a few institutes,
which also allow female candidates. Aspirants must check
up with such institutes before appearing in the entrance

Prospects and Remunerations:

Marine Engineer has a number of options after he earns
the degree. Marine Engineers primarily work in the
Indian Merchant Navy. The Merchant Navy mainly comprises
of tankers, liners, passenger vehicles, ore carriers and
other type of specialised ships. These Merchant Navy
ships are operated by public sector as well as private
sector shipping companies. One has diversified option to
select the ship one wants to join. A Marine Engineer
enters as a Junior Engineer

Even at
the entry level, the remuneration received by a Marine
Engineer is high one. A person who joins the Merchant
Navy as Junior Engineer earns around Rs.25,000 to
Rs.30,000 per month in any foreign vessel. But, the most
important benefit is that, by virtue of travelling for
more than six months outside Indian borders, he gets the
status of an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) and thus gets
exemption from taxes plus he also gets other benefits
too. Apart from ships, Marine Engineers are also
employed for the designing, research, consulting,
training and education purposes in the related field


  • Training Ship Chanakya
    Karave, Nerul, Navi Mumbai - 400 706 It offers
    three-year B.Sc. in Nautical Sciences, which is
    affiliated to the University of Mumbai

  • Marine Engineering
    Research Institutes, Kolkata It offers four-year
    Graduate Certificate in Marine Engineering

  • International Maritime
    Institute, New Delhi

  • Indira Gandhi National
    Open University, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi It offers
    B.Sc. (Nautical Science)

Leading shipping companies that hire Marine
Engineers :

  • Shipping Corporation of
    India. 13, Strand Road, Kolkata - 700 001

  • Shipping Corporation of
    India. 245 Cama Road, Mumbai - 400 021

  • Binny International
    101, Marine Lines, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021

  • The Great Eastern
    Shipping Company Ltd. T.S.Jawahar Pilot Bunder, Colaba,
    Mumbai - 400 005

  • Tolani Shipping Company
    Ltd. 10 A, Bakhtawar Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400

  • Kerala Lines Ltd. Wheel
    House, Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon Island, Cochin,
    Kerala - 682 003

  • National Institute of
    Port Management Training Coordinator (Marine), East
    Coast Road, Ulthnadi, Chennai - 600 096

  • Dredging Corporation of
    India Ltd. Dredge House, Port Area, Visakhapatnam,
    Andhra Pradesh - 530 035

  • Poompuhar Shipping
    Corporation 304 - 305 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai -
    600 018

  • Gujarat Marine Ltd.
    6/28 Silver Apartments, Akurli Road, No.1 Kandivili
    East, Mumbai - 400 001

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