Careers in Computer System Analyst

Computer Systems analysts plan and develop methods for computerizing business and scientific tasks or improving computer systems already in use. They may work for the organization that wants to install a system or for a consulting firm that develops systems under contract. Analysts begin an assignment by defining the goals. After this they use techniques such as mathematical model building, sampling, and cost accounting to plan the system. They also determine what computer hardware and software will be needed to set up the system.

The analysts also design any forms required to collect data and distribute information. System Analysts usually specialize in either business, scientific, or engineering applications. Some analysts improve systems already in use by developing better procedures or adapting the system to handle additional types of data. Others do research to devise new methods of systems analysis.

Course Details
There is no universally accepted way of preparing for a job as a systems analyst because employers preferences depend on the work being done. However, college graduates are always sought for these jobs. Many employers require computer systems analysts to be a graduate in computer science. Some employers require an advanced degree for more-complex jobs and senior positions.

Common degrees required include those in computer science, information science or management information systems. Some other employers require only a relevant degree without saying which type. Instead of a degree, some employers might accept equivalent experience or experience plus computer certification.

Career Prospects
Most computer systems analysts work for data processing service firms, government agencies, insurance companies, banks, business, finance, e-commerce, engineering, science, healthcare and firms that manufacture durable goods. A small number of systems analysts are employed on a temporary basis in companies installing a new computer system. Computer System Analysts also engaged in factory and office automation, telecommunications, and scientific research.

Most of the Computer System Analysts can work with computer systems design and related services industries. Some systems analysts eventually strike out on their own, by becoming self-employed independent contractors (consultants) or small-business owners. Increasingly, companies are hiring computer professional only temporarily as specialized consultants.

Generally starting salary of computer system analyst is about Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000. After having some experiences they can even earn Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. In government agencies salaries are decided by the pay commissions from time to time. However in privates firms there is good salary as well as many perks. The earning of contractual consultant is depends upon the term and condition of their contract and the nature of the company. The remuneration of the self employed in this sector depends upon the size of their firm and number and nature of the clients they served.

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