Careers in Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription 

In India, the transcriptionists are expected to comprehend the accent of American doctors and convert this voice into a written form. This calls for an in-depth understanding of the medical terminology, language usage and American slangs. Though at first the work may seem monotonous, it involves a great deal of comprehension skills and intelligence.

Medical Transcription, simply put, is the process of transcribing medical audio files into formatted reports. Dictations from hospitals in the United States, is digitized and received at the parent US transcription, and sent through a 64 KBPS link to India. At the local medical transcription company premises, the audio data is uncompressed and stored on a server to be fed to individual transcription workstations.

The transcription at the work stations play the audio data file and key the report from a structured format of electronic text. Specialized software ensures consistent quality and productivity. This transcribed data is then edited, formatted and up linked back to the US parent company.

Medical transcriptionists, therefore, are trained service providers who use their extensive medical Knowledge, deductive reasoning skills and command over English to transcribe dictated reports.

Medical Transcription is an IT related Service offered from India to the health care industry in the west. Experts describe this industry as India's biggest business opportunity ever. No wonder, you can earn up to Rs.7000 per month as your starting salary. All you need is good English comprehensive skills and of course, a professional training. You have to join in for a 4-month course and thereafter a 2-month live exposure under the guidance of expert faculty. Taking you through a course designed by specialists in the US. You can be sure of a highly rewarding career that'll give your future the IT edge.

Medical transcription is the booming US dollar 20 billion industry growing @ 20% per annum. The Canadian Government gives the highest ranking to visa seekers specializing in Medical a Transcription. Time-zone advantage, telecom infrastructure and large English speaking population will make India a leading M.T. service provider.

"Health care is a rapidly growing industry, and the demand for quality documentation is increasing. Medical transcription can be a life long, satisfying career, providing the constant challenge of an expanding and advancing technology," according to a recent report by HT Horizon, "In today's changing economic climate, medical transcription is attracting many newcomers. But only those who invest in themselves are likely to survive the pressure occurring within the health care industry. The constantly demand for more skilled transcriptionists has out pressure on MT professional to upgrade their skills understanding and technological capabilities."

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Career prospects 

This career provides unlimited intellectual challenge and the opportunity to make a unique contribution to quality patient care service. Health care is a rapidly growing field and the demand for high quality documentation is ever increasing. The profession provides a high level of job security and skilled medical language specialists can earn a fairly good amount for their services. Moreover with the web technology growing at a phenomenal speed there is no stopping the future of medical transcription.

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