Careers in Speech and hearing

Speech Therapy is an allied branch of health sciences which cure the disorder of speech, voice, and language of a person. The branch speech therapy and audiology has become a promising career option in recent times. A person who has a degree or diploma in speech therapy is called a speech therapist. The growing awareness among people to treat speech and auditory disorders has increased the demand for these experts. In daily practice, a speech therapist works with people who have difficulty speaking, forming words or sounds, or who are recovering from injury or illness that has affected their ability to communicate verbally.

Speech disorder may manifest itself in various forms - delayed speech during childhood, stammering, speech disorders due to injuries or congenital defects like cerebral palsy, cleft palate and so on. Many a time, speech disorders are accompanied by hearing disorders and vice versa. These may be either physiological or even psychological. A person trained in this field would be able to assess hearing defects and give the required therapy. A speech therapist would be able to use his skills to help people communicate. Some of the tools of his trade would be to teach sign language to a person who is totally incapable of speech, to improve diction and articulation of those who stammer and to teach those hard of hearing how to lip-read. Learning these skills would enable better communication and thus improve the quality of life for the challenged individuals.

Courses & Eligibility

Anyone interested in taking up this field as a career option can go in for training at the graduate level itself. All that is required is a science background at the intermediate level. Three year B.Sc. courses in Speech Therapy and Audiology of three years may be pursued. For specialization in a certain area, they may opt for the master's course after graduation.

Career Prospects

The demand for speech therapists is growing day by day. There are ample scopes for these professionals in government/private hospitals, clinics and heath centres. A large numbers of speech therapists/speech-language pathologists are found to be employed as clinicians by Community care centres. Some find jobs in universities and government agencies as teacher, or as administrators of speech and hearing programmes.

Some speech pathologists and audiologists have private practices. Their fees are usually higher than those charged at hospitals, etc. They contract to provide services in schools, physician's offices, hospitals, or nursing homes, or work as consultants to industry.Audiologists are more likely to be employed in independent healthcare offices, while speech pathologists are more likely to work in school setting.

Pay Package

In India, a speech therapist or audiologist in a government hospital gets a starting salary of around Rs.5000 per month and this can go up to Rs.20,000 after achieving 2-3 years of working experience. Private hospitals offer better salaries and benefits. These specialists can also do private practice.

The annual pay package of a speech therapist in UK and USA is much higher than in India. A speech therapist gets annual average salary of about $52,000 and the highest salary being paid is $80,000 per year.


Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Sector 12Chandigarh 160012
Course: B.Sc Audiology and Speech & Language

All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Ansari Nagar,
New Delhi 110029
Course: BSc Speech Therapy and Hearing, MSc Speech Pathology and Audiology

Gujarat University
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 880009, Gujarat
Course: Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy

University of Bombay
Ali Yavar Jung National Institutefor the Hearing Handicapped
Kishen Chansd Marg,
Bandra (West) Mumbai 400050
Course: B.Sc. Hearing & Language M.Sc Hearing Speech and Language

TN Medical College
BYL Nair Charitable Hospital
Mumbai 400008
Course: BSc Speech & Hearing M.Sc

Osmania University
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Course: BSc Hearing Lang. & speech

University of Chennai
Centenary Building Chepauk
Chennai 600005
Course: BSc Speech & Hearing M.Sc Audiology & Speech Therapy

University of Mysore
Karya Saudha, Crawford Hall,
PB No. 17, Mysore 570005, Karnataka
Course: BSc (Speech Pathology or audiology), MSc speech & Hearing

Kasturba Gandhi Medical College
Manipal, Karnataka
Course: BSc Speech & Hearing

Institute of Speech & Hearing
Hannur Road, Bangalore
Course: BSc Hearing Lang. & speech

Institute of Nursing
A.B Shetty Marg, Mangalore
Course: BSc Hearing Lang. & speech

All India Institute & Special Hearing
Mansazangolhri, Mysore 576006
Course: B.Sc Hearing Lang. & speech M.Sc

JM Institute of Speech &Hearing
Inderpuri, Keshrinagar
Patna 800023
Course: Dip. in Hearing Language & Speech

Indian Institute of Health Education
Near Control Jail Berur
Patna 800002
Course: B.Sc Hearing Language & Speech

Medical Trust Hospital
MG Road Cochin 582016
Course: Dip. in Hearing Language Speech

Sri Ram Chandra Medical Institute
Porur, Chennai 600010
Course: B.Sc Hearing Lang. & Speech

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