Earth Science

8/13/2013 Career

Earth Science deals basically with subjects
such as geography, geology, oceanography, and concerned with the study of the
earth, its composition or any of its
changing aspects.

Earth scientists or Geoscientists are the caretaker of the earth�s resources and
environment. They use their knowledge to increase our understanding of earth
processes and to improve the quality of
human life. Their work and career paths vary widely because the geosciences are
so broad and diverse.

Geosciences is not only just interesting as it involves the exploration of
mysteries of earth, it is also a lucrative career option opening a wide range of
opportunities to the aspirants of this course.

T.K. Biswal, HOD, Dept. of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay Says, �The Study of Earth
Sciences is highly application-oriented
and lucrative. In the age of increasing demand for energy, knowledge of earth
sciences, aided with the advanced
searched methods, provides a chance to
explore the once unknown and difficult sources for coal and petroleum, automatic
minerals and geothermal energy.�

Earth Science Courses

A quite good number of institutions offer M.Tech course in the field of Earth
Sciences. M.Sc program in geology, applied geology or geophysics cover
theoretical aspects in this field, whereas M.Tech
covers practical application such as exploration of petroleum,
metal and non-metallic minerals and ground water.

  • M.Tech in Petroleum Geosciences
  • M.Tech in Applied Geology
  • M.Tech in Applied Geophysics

Earth Science Eligibility Criteria

Students who have completed M.Sc in geology, applied geology or geophysics
and have a valid score of GATE are eligible
for the M.Tech courses.

Earth Science Job Prospects

Placement is not a problem for the students of this course. Students can get
jobs in the oil sector, mining sector, remote sensing sector and petroleum

Geoscientists with experience have lucrative prospects in private consultancy
work also. International consulting opportunities are bright for those who have
had prior experience on international geoscientific projects.

Earth Science Pay Package

The salary of the students ranges from Rs.3 lakh to Rs.6 lakh per month
depending upon the sector one has joined.

Earth Science Institutes/Universities

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Kharagpur

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