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Biostatistics is a multi-faceted field involving the
application of statistical
methods and techniques for the purpose of data
collection, data management and
data analysis related
to living organisms and
biological systems.

A Biostatistician plays an important role in the development and
application of statistical techniques for the purpose of scientific
research in health-related fields- these mainly include medicine,
epidemiology, and public health etc.

The field of Biostatistics (also called biometrics or biometry) also
encompasses statistical research in the area of
environmental study,
agricultural study

Yet another aspect involves studying the risk factors that lead to the
development of a disease. The real skill of a statistician lies in
identifying and assessing the sample and accurately analyzing the mass
of data. Biostatisticians also analyze clinical trails of new medicines
before they are released into the market.

Biostatistics Eligibility Criteria

Most of the universities offer education
in Biostatistics at post graduate level.
These research based programmes are usually of 3 years duration.
Generally, the qualifying exam for such courses is an
undergraduate programme in the
related streams of Biostatistics, for
, a B.Sc statistics or B.Sc Mathematics with Statistics.
Students are selected through entrance examination. Besides most
institutes conducts their own tests followed by a personal interview.

Biostatistics Career Prospects

These days Biostatisticians are in great
demand not only by private companies but also by government
organizations. These opportunities offer competitive salaries in
addition to other life-style benefits. Obviously, MNC, pay more to
deserving candidates.�

A range of positions are now available
in segments like data management, pharmaceutical and clinical trials,
data analysis and academia. In addition, biostatisticians are also in
great demand at the national, state, and local levels.

Biostatistics Pay Package

Usually, the starting salary for
biostatistician can range from Rs.7000 to Rs.12000 per month depending
on the type of job and the organization one works for. Statisticians
with experience can draw anywhere between Rs.10,000 to Rs.40,000 per

Biostatistics Institutes/Universities

Courses in Biostatistics are available
at the PG level in the following institutions.

  • Christian Medical

Contact details:

Ida Scudder Road,�

Vellore - 632004��� Vellore - 632 004

Tel: 0416-2282010, 3072010�� Tamil Nadu, India

Fax: 0416-2232054



  • Himachal Pradesh

Contact details:

EPABX No: 2830133, 2830218, 2830225

FAX:� (0177)-2830775


  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Manipal University

Manipal � 576104, Karnataka

Telephone: 0820 2571978�

Fax: 0820 2571982




  • Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

203, Barrackpore Trunk Road, Kolkata - 700 035

  • Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

7, SJS Sansawal Marg, New Delhi - 110 016

  • IIT Bombay

P.O. - Powai, Mumbai - 700 076

  • Dr. MGR Medical University


  • University of Madras

Centenary Building, Chepauk, Chennai - 600 005

  • University of Pune

Ganeshkhind, Pune - 411 007

  • The University of Calcutta

Offers a one-year diploma in Health Statistics

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