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Along with the rapid strides in modern
medical science, biochemistry has also
emerged as an important career option for many of Indian youths.

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program
that focuses on the chemistry of living systems. Biochemistry is the subject
whose scope revolves around the chemistry of the biological processes.

A Biochemist analyzes the chemical combinations
and reactions which take place in biological processes like the process of
growth, metabolism, reproduction, heredity

It also tries to study the effect of the
environment on living beings. For this purpose, biochemist delves deep into the
structures and functions of enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other
numerous processes related to metabolism of the mankind.

Biochemistry Eligibility Criteria

Students having background in science at 10+2
level can initially take up B.Sc.( Biochemistry). Further one can opt for M.Sc
and MD in biochemistry whose eligibility are a B.Sc. degree and an M.B.B.S
degree respectively.

Biochemistry Personal Skills

Biochemistry is a field which requires intense
research; hence aspirants for this field must have inquisitive mind-set,
commitment to the profession and keen observation skills. As research in this
field is often a team work, hence a biochemist must be a team player too.

Biochemistry Career Prospects

There are many jobs both at government and
private medical institutions and hospitals engaged in research activities. These
research activities are aimed to cure various diseases and disorders like AIDS,
cancer and mental problems etc.

The pharmaceutical industry is also an important
destination for a professional trained in the field of biochemistry as today�s
pharma industry is fast emerging as a hub for R& D in the field of genetically
engineered drugs. One can also look forward to make a career with Research
related agricultural industries and institutions.

Biochemistry offers research related career in
the following fields.

Medicine: Here Biochemists perform diagnostic tests and investigations for finding
out causes of various diseases confronting mankind. They try to investigate the
role of genetic transmission of diseases as they get transferred from one
generation to another.

In this regard, they not only study chemical
changes that take place in the cells of the body parts which signal the onset of
various diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes,
mental disorders like epilepsy etc, but
also conduct Research related to identification and analysis of chemical
processes like muscular contraction, reproduction, metabolism etc.

A Biochemist engaged in this field performs R & D and finds ways of developing
new and improved techniques in the area of crop cultivation, pest control
management and crop storage management
and the like.

Biochemists research the effects and side-effects of certain food stuffs,
minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and
, when consumed in excess or in short quantities on the human

Biochemistry Pay Package

Owing to rapid strides in the field of science
and medical industry, today biochemist professionals symbolize success and quick
career growth. As a trainee, one can start with a salary of Rs.8000-Rs.150000.
one can command a higher salary as the experiences raises, generally MNCs and
private companies pay higher.

Biochemistry University/Institutes

  • Orissa University Of Agriculture And Technology

Courses : B.Sc (Hons.)/, B.Sc (p)/3 Yrs.

Eligibility : 10+2 with 40%50% in chosen

  • Aligarh Muslim University

Courses : B.Sc/3Yrs.

Eligibility : 10+2 with 55% in relevant sub.

  • Delhi University

Courses : B.Sc(Hons)/3Yrs.

Eligibility : 10+2 with40%

  • All India Institute Of Medical Sciences

Courses : B.Sc(Hons.Human Biology)/3Yrs.

Eligibility : 10+2 PCM/60%entrance test

  • Delhi University

Courses : M.Sc, M.Sc.(Med. BioChem)

Eligibility : B.Sc.with60%M.Sc.(Chem)or MBBS

  • Indian Institute Of

Courses : MTech.(5Yrs.Integrated)

Eligibility : 10+2 PCM/entrance test

  • Kurukshetra University

Courses : B.Sc(H.Sc.and Bio chem.)3 Yrs

Eligibility : 10+2

  • Punjab Agriculture

Courses : B.Sc 3 Yrs.

Eligibility : 10+2

  • Punjab University , Chandigarh

Courses : B.Sc 3 Yrs.

Eligibility : 10+2

  • Sardar Patel University

Courses : B.Sc 3Yrs

Eligibility : 10+2

  • University Of Mumbai

Courses : B.Sc 3Yrs

Eligibility : 10+2

  • Aligarh Muslim University

Courses : M.Sc 2 Yrs

Eligibility : B.Sc. with 55%

  • Banaras Hindu University

Courses : M.Sc.2 Yrs, M.Tech.(Bio .Chem)

Eligibility : B.Sc. with 55%B.Tech.

  • M S University Of Baroda , Varodara

Courses : MS, M.Sc.(Med. BioChem)

Eligibility : B.Sc.

  • All Indian Institute Of Medical Sciences

Courses : M.Sc.

Eligibility : B.Sc.(Hons)/B.Sc.(Bio)/BVSC/MBBS

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