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Airman in Airforce is
considered equivalent to a

in Army. Indian Air Force provides ample of opportunities for the young men
joining as an Airman in� either of Technical or
Non-Technical trades. Aspiring candidates can choose from any of the three i.e�
combatant groups i.e 'X', 'Y' or 'Z' of the technical and the non-technical
trades depending upon their interest and eligibility.

As a Technical trade Airman the job description involves the maintenance and
testing of aircraft and other various flying related equipment besides involved
in maintaining and overhaul of ground equipment and armament.

Where as the responsibilities of non technical
airman involves assistance and support to the various functions ranging from
weather forecasting to maintenance of records and files of the various branches
of IAF. As this job involved the security and integrity of the nation thus the
personnel handling these jobs need to be hardworking, loyal to the nation and of
impeccable integrity.


Eligibility to become an Airman in Indian
Air Force

Educational Qualification and Age

Essential Qualification and Age for becoming an Airman in Air force varies from
Metric to Graduation with some time asking for math, science and English as main
subjects. It depends upon the type of entry (Trade wise) one is seeking for.

Eligibility Condition for Combatant Group 'X'(Technical Trade)

1. Educational Qualification

Passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with English, Mathematics and Physics; A
minimum aggregate of 50% marks.

2. Age

Between 16 years to 22 years depending upon the trade

3. Marital Status


4. Nationality


5. Gender

Only male candidates are eligible to join Indian Air Force as Airman.

A. Condition for Combatant Group 'X'( Non-Technical Trade)-Teacher

1. Educational Qualification

B.A. (Honours) or a B.Sc. (Honours), B.A. / B.Sc. with one-year teaching
experience in a recognized educational institution, B.A. / B.Sc. with a teaching
degree or diploma.

2. Age

Betwen 20 years to 25 years

3. Marital Status


4. Nationality


5. Gender

Only male candidates

B. Condition for Combatant Group 'X'(Non-Technical Trade)-Technical

1. Educational Qualification

Passed M.A. / M.Sc. with at least II class

2. Age

Between 20years and 27 years

3. Marital Status


4. Nationality



Only male candidates

Common Eligibility for joining as an Airman in either Combatant Group
'Y' or Combatant Group 'Z' of the Technical or Non- Technical trades

1. Age

16 years to 20 years (Group 'Y'), 17-35 (Group 'Z')

2. Marital Status


3. Nationality


4. Gender

Only male candidates

Eligibility for Specific Trade

Technical Trades

An airman under the Technical Trades is involved in the production and testing
of aircraft and flying related equipment. He is directly or indirectly
responsible for the maintenance and overhaul of armament and ground equipment.

Educational Qualification required for this trade

i.Passed Matriculation or equivalent examination with English.

ii.A minimum aggregate of 60% marks.

Non-Technical Trades

An airman in the non-technical trades assist and support officers in the Air

Educational Qualification required for this trade

  • � Passed Matriculation or equivalent examination.
  • � A minimum aggregate of 45% marks.
  • � Pass marks in English.

Mechanical Transport Driver

This trade comes under the category of Non-Technical Trades but the selection
criteria for this job is slightly different from that of other Non-Technical
Trades under Combatant Group 'Y'.

Basic minimum requirements for all candidates


To join the Air Force as an airman, the aspirant should be at least 152.5 cm.
tall. There are however, some trades that have different requirements.

i. Mechanical Transport Driver and Certain Technical Trades

  • Minimum height - 165 cm.
  • Minimum leg length - 99 cm.

ii.IAF Police

  • Minimum height - 175 cm.

iii.Ground Training Instructor and Musician

  • Minimum height - 167 cm.

Clear Medical Record

The aspirant should have a clear medical record, with history clear of any of
the following diseases

  • Mental Sickness/Fits
  • Diseases/Skin Ailments
  • Surgical Deformity


Minimum Expanded Chest (75cm)

Minimum Range Of Expansion (5cm)


Some minimum visual standards that the aspirant must fulfil in order to qualify.

The aspirant should have a minimum corrected vision of at least 6 / 12 in each
eye. He could also have 6 / 6 in the healthier eye and 6 / 18 in weaker eye with
spectacles with power not more than + / -5.50 Dioptres, inclusive of astigmatism
in any meridian with full field of vision and Minimum CP-IV unsafe colour

There are, however, other detailed visual and colour standards that are specific
to different trades.


You should have normal hearing i.e. you should be able to hear forced whisper
from a distance of 6 meters in each ear individually.


You should have healthy gums and a good set of teeth.

It is advisable that candidates reporting for medical exam must ensure a high
level of personal hygiene and bring the latest prescription and spectacles for
corrected vision to avoid delay.

How to become an Airman?

Step 1

The first step toward being an Airman is to apply against the vacancies declared
from time to time in the leading news papers making it sure that you full fill
all the basic and specific requirements of the job/trade applying for. As it is
only after checking all eligibility wise application forms that one will receive
an Admit Card that will contain all the relevant details like the date, time and
venue of your examination. The subjects tested on will depend on the trade you
have applied for.

Step 2

There will be written test the subjects of which depends upon the trade one is
selected for.

Technical Streams

Four papers- English, Mathematics, Science and Intelligence and General

Non-Technical/MTD Streams

English and Intelligence and General Awareness.

Note:- The examination is based on the CBSE (X/XII) syllabus

Education Instructors

The pattern of the paper is in keeping with the basic minimum educational
qualification required. Followed by an interview after the examination.

Step 3

After clearing the written test one has to go through a medical examination
conducted by a Medical Officer of the Armed Forces. In which one is either
declared 'Fit' or 'Unfit' or 'Temporarily Medically Unfit' (TMU).

Step 4

On successfully clearing the selection process the name of the candidate will
feature in the All India Merit List displayed at the Airmen Selection Centres,
where the tests were conducted. A call letter will be sent requesting you to
report to the Airmen Selection Centre for enrolment. Here apart from the
enrolment formalities, the candidate should take a Trade Aptitude Test, to
determine the right trade for him. Depending upon the score as well as the
position in the Merit List, candidates will be assigned to one of the streams in
the Technical or Non-Technical Trades.

After the candidate has completed his enrolment formalities, he will be sent to
the Administrative training Institute for 26 weeks for Basic Combatant Training.
Thereafter, the candidate would be sent to one of the Training Institutes for
specialization in the trade that he is assigned.

Airman Career Prospects

With time and expertise an airman can achieve
the following given ranks during his stay in the Air Force.

  1. Aircraftsman����������������� - AC (Start of the Career)
  2. Leading Aircraftsman��� - LAC
  3. Corporal����������������������� - CPL
  4. Sergeant���������������������� - SGT
  5. Junior Warrant Officer� - JWO
  6. Warrant Officer������������ - WO
  7. Master Warrant Officer - MWO

Deserving candidates can also be promoted to the Honorary rank of Flying
Officer before getting retirement.

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